Finding homeschool resources can be overwhelming. It can be hard to find a secular homeschool curriculum for teaching ancient history. Let us help you enjoy history at home with a free ancient history lesson!

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Read: Pg. 4-5.

Tip: If you have a younger learner, you can read the first paragraph on page 10 of your download instead.

Activity: We like to have our kids color the companion coloring pages while we read aloud!

What is the legacy of the Mauryan Empire?

Look at the map on page 4 and ask the following questions:
Find the edicts on the map. How do you think Ashoka chose these locations?
What do the locations of the cities and towns have in common?
Compare this map to a modern political map. How does the Mauryan Empire compare to the borders of modern India?

This is a good time to take a break, finish coloring, or read a book from our suggested reading list!

Read: pg. 6, Ashoka’s Famous Monologue

How did Ashoka change? Do you think his decisions hurt or benefitted the Mauryan Empire?
Why do you think the Battle of Kalinga changed Ashoka so much?
Do you feel that the battle was a victory or a defeat, based on Ashoka’s writing?

Ashoka was a vegetarian. Perhaps he liked to eat Chana Dal, a dish served at his grandfather’s wedding. Try this recipe for yourself!

Recipe card for Chana Dal

Read: pg. 8, Hinduism vs Buddhism
What are the similarities and differences between Hinduism and Buddhism?
How are Hinduism and Buddhism connected?

Read: pg. 9, Stories of Hinduism and Buddhism
How are Hinduism and Buddhism similar or different to other religions you have studied?

Read: pg. 10 and 12
Activity: Visit this link for rangoli ideas / or purchase Mauryan Empire Unboxed for a complete rangoli kit!

Extension: Check out the books on the further reading list. Further resources can be found on our Pinterest page!

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