New price adjustments for history curriculums will take effect to maintain the company’s expenses, competitive wages, and utilization of quality, hands-on materials

Amissville, VA. – History Unboxed is today announcing a commitment to maintain current product pricing through July 2022 for educational planners who need curated curriculum for the upcoming school year.

The history curriculums are composed for charter school educators and are available for special classroom events and homeschooling families with subscription boxes covering three historical time periods. The longer-term outlook for interest rates and prices is seen moving higher in 2022 and beyond and is expected to contribute to changes in the subscription curriculum pricing.

“As I head to the grocery store, fill up the car, and run through the drive through with my kiddos it hits me: everything is more expensive. Prices have risen across the board and if your family is like mine, it hasn’t gone unnoticed,” said Elizabeth Hauris, President and Founder of History Unboxed. “Prices have risen for us as well: our craft materials from shaigai bones to beeswax, the paper we print our booklets on, shipping charges, even maintaining a competitive wage for our team is all more expensive than it used to be.” 

Among the items to be adjusted are single ‘a la carte’ boxes which will be priced at $57.95, quantity discount + subscription boxes will be priced at $47.95, and sibling add ons at $34.97. Auto renewing subscriptions will not increase in price for the life of the subscription.

If you are reading this and worrying about next year: don’t panic, our current pricing will remain. So take a deep breath, plan your boxes for the upcoming school year, and enjoy an engaging, hands-on history experience at current price for all orders placed before August 1st.

About History Unboxed

History Unboxed is an education company bringing history curriculum to life for kids, teens, and adults. Each box reflects the art, people, and stories of the historical region, giving educators an authentic learning experience that honors the history and culture of the era. More at


Elizabeth Hauris

President and Founder