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Did you know that we have been featured on the History Channel's list of Holiday Gifts for History Lovers?  Let's take a peek at some of our favorite gift-giving options. These five gifts for history lovers are sure to please!

Give a Gift Subscription

Give the gift that keeps on giving with one of our gift subscriptions!

You choose the timeline and length of the subscription. Gift subscriptions are only available for a limited time!

Gift Options: Ancient History, Middle Ages History, or American History

Subscription Length: 1-12 months


Give a Gift Certificate

Not sure which box they'd like the most?

Then let your history lover choose their historical destination with our gift box option!

Give Ancient History Coloring Books

Looking for a gift for the artists in your life?

Our ancient history coloring books are the perfect gift.  Each book features 18 fascinating cultures from ancient history as well as historical information about each one.

The Coloring and Comic Book is just right for younger artists and our Coloring and Penpal book has detailed coloring pages for teens and adults.

Give A Book: Ancient History: A Secular Exploration of the World


How about the gift of a self-guided tour of the ancient world?

Our gorgeous hardcover book has over 125 color illustrations, maps, and original illustrations.

With gilded edges and a ribbon bookmark, it is a truly keepsake volume.

Give Our Most Popular Boxes

Give the gift of one of our most popular boxes to your favorite history lover!

These are the ten most popular boxes for history lovers in 2021:

10. Explorers Unboxed

9. Missions Unboxed

8. Israelites Unboxed

7. Vikings Unboxed

6. Ancient China Unboxed

5. Egypt Unboxed

4. Going West Unboxed

3. Civil War Unboxed

2. American Revolution Unboxed

1. Mali Empire Unboxed


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