I don’t know where you all live, but here in the northeast United States, its been raining.  A LOT. There are only so many rainy day hikes and splashing in puddles in that my kids want to do, so I’ve been on the hunt for some indoor activities that are fun for them and will also support their learning. Read on for some ideas from History Camp, rainy day edition! Did you pick up one of our three-box history camp bundles? We have bundles for Ancient History, Middle Ages, and American History! This post will predominantly give ideas for the boxes included in these bundles, but be sure to check out our Rainy Day Learning Pinterest board for lots more ideas on all of our boxes.

My kids really love LEGO, but sometimes they have a hard time just building things from the giant bag of bricks we have. We love the Build It! book series, especially the World Landmarks installment. Also check out Warren Ellsmore’s Brick series, including Brick Wonders, Brick City, and Brick World History. These books include instructions to build famous landmarks from pre-history, ancient history, the Middle Ages, and even the Renaissance and Modern History. Of course, you can also head over to the LEGO website and buy one of their amazing LEGO kits, like this Great Pyramid of Giza or Roman Colosseum. Our rainy day Pinterest page has lots of ideas to use LEGO for history study. Also check out Beyond the Brick on YouTube to see amazing creations by LEGO Masters, and get your kiddos inspired to create their own.

There are some really great YouTube channels that can be used in learning. A few of our favorite channels are Ted-Ed, Nat Geo Kids, Crash Course (best for advanced/older learners), & Bedtime History.

We’ve selected a few episodes that compliment our History Camp boxes. (We have previewed many, but not all, of the videos here, so be sure to pre-watch before sharing with your kiddos.) Check out the list below arranged by box!

Ancient History:

American History:

Middle Ages:


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