Title text with a bead loom strung with purple and white beadsWhy Choose Hands-On Learning for History?

You might have ended up here because you were looking for hands-on history resources.  But have you ever thought about why this style of learning is so important? Sure, it’s fun. But is it effective?
Short answer: Yes!

  • Children learn better when they have hands-on interactions with learning materials.
  • Students who learn through hands-on activities develop a deeper understanding of the material.
  • They remember more facts when they use hands-on materials.
  • When students use more than one of their senses, they are better at finding meaning. This helps them remember more.
  • Multi-sensory experiences build neural connections. They make the brain work better!
  • Students are more alert and focused when they use hands-on activities.
  • There is a 75% increased chance of new information reaching long-term memory.
  • It’s fun! Because it’s fun, it’s more memorable.
  • It’s fun….and that gets them to engage and come to the table without arguing. And isn’t that what every educator wants most?

So what’s stopping you from doing hands-on history activities?

Is it too much work?

We’ve done the work for you! Hundreds of hours of research and planning go into each of our boxes.  When you get them, they are ready to open and go.

Do you worry about lacking history knowledge?

Each box contains an eight-page magazine with articles, illustrations, and maps. If you want to keep learning, use our included reading lists or visit our Pinterest page. 

Do you worry about not having the right materials?

Except for the occasional perishable item, everything you need is right in the box!

Ready to get started?

Choose your timeline!
Ancient History
Medieval History
American History

Do you work with groups? Our History to Go Kits are perfect for libraries, museums, classrooms, and homeschool co-ops.  Each kit contains a single activity and historical information, conveniently bulk packaged for your group.

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