Get ready to go on a journey back in time with Old Town Warrenton’s brand-new history maker space. Experience the past through art, historical technology, games, stories, music, and more. See how technology has evolved from hand tools to cutting-edge technology like 3D printers.  Our community space will welcome all ages through events such as book clubs, historic board games, story times, cosplay and hands-on classes, and guest teachers.

History Unboxed® recently announced a round of crowdfunding for $20,000. These funds will be used to create a community space called The HUB for kids and teens in Old Town Warrenton. This gathering place provides an answer to goals made in Warrenton’s Comprehensive Plan. During the town’s Student Postcard Project, kids and teens wished for places to gather and have fun. Specifically, the areas that The HUB will focus on are:

  • A history maker space that combines technology of past and present
  • A teen space with games and activities
  • Family-friendly events
  • Providing space for community meetings

The HUB is scheduled to open in Fall 2023, after this fundraising campaign to support programs and events at The HUB. The HUB will enable employment opportunities and support community collaboration with other Old Town businesses. 


In the Town of Warrenton’s improvement plan, the children and youth made their wishes clear: a place where they could hang out and have fun. Our family-friendly space will meet that need along with creating opportunities for sparking curiosity and learning.

The HUB is an exciting new community space that aims to bring history and community to life by offering a range of programs and services for our neighbors of all ages.  In response to the expressed wishes by the youth and children of Warrenton during the town’s improvement plan, The HUB will provide a safe and inviting place for our youth to “hang out” and be themselves.  We will address our youth’s need for a safe and enjoyable environment where they can socialize, play games, and develop meaningful connections with their peers through our historic board games club, cosplay class (blending history and pop culture), and our hands-on history classes for all ages. 

Where collaboration and innovation meet:  A History Maker Space for All Ages!

We are thrilled to bring the first makers space to Old Town Warrenton, VA! This new workspace will be the site where individuals from various backgrounds gather to create, explore, and learn through experimenting and working together.  From historical tools to cutting edge technology, The HUB will provide community access to a wide range of machinery.  

The emphasis on collaboration, knowledge sharing, and learning is just one of the things that sets a makers space apart from other spaces.  While The HUB will continue collecting a variety of machinery over time, some of the tools we plan to initially open with include sewing machine, serger, 3d printer, and laser cutter. 

We are confident that from the time of opening, this history makers space will inspire innovation, skill-building, and collaboration.

The HUB will be a place that is:

  1. Inclusive:  Individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and interests are welcomed and valued.
  2. Supportive:  From resources and materials, to educators and experts, we want to support the community through our maker’s space, hands-on classes, and library.
  3. Engaging:  A place to meet, connect, collaborate and contribute in shared goals.

Community spaces, like the space provided through The HUB, kindle personal growth, as well as community development, benefiting the public as a whole.  



Our banned book reading nook will offer community access to a unique and thought-provoking collection of reading material.  By offering literature from all backgrounds and cultures, our book nook celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity, to ensure all members of our community feel represented and respected.


Community Benefits:

  1. A physical gathering that place fosters social belonging and connections where people can come together, interact, build connections. 
  2. Cultural & recreational space for hosting events, exhibits, and recreational activities
  3. Supports lifelong learning for all ages through educational programs, classes, and workshops
  4. Addresses local needs for a makers space and safe spaces for kids and teens
  5. Stimulates economic development through collaboration with other local businesses and and provides work opportunities

Now you can help us get the HUB rolling by making a contribution to or sharing our crowdfunding campaign. While the building is fully funded and ready to open this fall, this campaign will allow us to launch with a full set of programs. Be a history maker today!

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