Wait a minute... How do I use History Unboxed to teach my children history?

Posted by Elizabeth Hauris on 02 January, 2015

We recently received a question from a home educating parent:
"Are there actual lessons as well as the story, or are there some tips for us parents who are not as in depth in the topic and time to help guide our children into learning more?"

The answer is No and Yes... No there are not lesson plans that go out each month in the subscription boxes, but are we here to help parents educate their children beyond the contents of the box?

The activities inside each box are there to provide an emotional, hands-on attachment to history for your children and a great jumping off point for further learning. From there, each month, we will post a ton of ideas, links to videos, and books for you to browse on our Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest pages. Follow along with us and let us organize some great resources, many of them free, for you to use to further explore different destinations in the ancient world.

Our first supplemental board on Pintrest is already up, so take a peek!

History Unboxed can also be used as a supplement for your existing history curriculum: although it should be noted that our locations do not follow a chronological progression.* Our time traveling duo, Ava and Zane, may pop up anywhere from 3500 bc/bce to 500 ad/ce... so you can subscribe to us for years and never receive the same box twice. There is always something new and exciting to discover, so come and join us! Our first destination is Ancient Egypt in February.

Cheers and Happy New Year!


*In the Welcome Box you will receive a blank time line that your child will add to each month so that they can see the chronological relation between different civilizations.

Making History!

Posted by Elizabeth Hauris on 06 December, 2014

Thank you so much for all of your support on Kickstarter, all of us at History Unboxed are excited to have our new website live! If you missed our guest post on Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers be sure to take a look and learn more about the inspiration for History Unboxed.

Now that the website is live, we are ordering custom materials and assembling our welcome kits, which will include a time capsule craft. What a fun new year's activity! We we are in schedule to start shipping in January. We also have beautiful, printable cards to present if you are giving a subscription as a holiday gift.


More news to come as we continue to fill out our website and assemble our crafts. For company news and more engaging, fascinating history Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter

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