We love homeschoolers!

Our boxes are the perfect augmentation to your homeschool history studies. In fact, each box is so well researched and packed with information, that you can use it alongside the included reading lists as the core of your history curriculum.

Exhaustively researched

Creatively composed

Professionally curated


Hands-on & interactive

Includes everything you need, in the box!

Materials to fit your home classroom

Each box comes tailored for one of three age groups, so you can match the lesson to the student. When you order a subscription, you can even purchase Sibling Add-ons in any age group, which will add consumables and lesson materials to each box to expand it out to include all your students in the fun!

Wondering how our subscription boxes & other materials align with different homeschool curriculums? Check out our curriculum alignments page! (more alignments coming soon) Contact us if you would like to discuss alignments for any curricula or lessons you are using!