Build Your Own Curriculum

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Wondering what to do for history this school year?

Sit back and relax while you and your students embark on a tour of 8 major ancient civilizations. Discover the marvels of the ancient world and learn about the people who lived there through hands-on crafts, recipes, art, games, and stories. And the best part? Everything ships right to your door. All you have to do is open the box and start learning.

The adventure begins in September as students start their tour of the ancient world!


Every month students will receive a box in the mail that will transport them to a different place and time in the ancient world. You can select any 9 of the following boxes

Click the box name  for details and picture where available. Please note that some items my differ in slight ways from the items pictured through the links

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Welcome Box -Students will learn about timelines, make their own time capsule, and receive materials that will be used throughout the year.

5000 BC/BCE Jomon Japan

2700 BC/BCE The Sumerian City of Uruk

2500 BC/BCE Ancient India - Harappa and Mohenjo Daro

2100 BC/BCE Ancient Egypt at the time of The Great Pyramids

2000 BC/BCE Ancient Australia

1755 BC/BCE Ancient Babylon & Hammurabi

1334 BC/BCE The Pharaohs of Egypt

1010 BC/BCE The Israelites at the time of King David

800 BC/BCE The OImec People of Ancient Mesoamerica

600 BC/BCE The Ancient Phoenicians

500 BC/BCE The Scythians

334 BC/BCE Alexander the Great

300 BC/BCE Ancient Athens

235 BC/BCE The Mauryan Empire

221 BC/BCE Ancient China

44 BC/BCE Julius Caesar

79 AD/CE Pompeii

400 AD/CE Ancient Ghana


From mummification to mosaics, soap making to the world's first organized sport, History Unboxed allows students to experience history, not just learn about it.

Each box will contain:

History Unboxed offers:

    • A highly visual, easy-to-understand course for 5-9 year old students that can be completed with the help of an educator.
    • An in-depth version of the course for 10-15 year old students that can be completed mostly independently.
    • Parents and educators need history too! We now offer a 16+ version of our boxes for adults who would like to try a variety of history based activities and crafts.

Let us help you discover history in a whole new way this school year.


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Please Note! We will send you an email form to make your box selections after check out.