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Start exploring the ancient world as we take you on a tour of 18 of the most beautiful, influential,  and fascinating places in history!

Our Ancient History Timeline spans from 3500 BC/BCE to 500 AD/CE.

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Schedule of Boxes

Please note that this list is intended as a guideline only: there are many factors that can affect the order and contents of each box.



Jan 2017 - Tour the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro in Ancient India ~ Learn a ancient dice game, make beautiful bird calls using a 3,500 year old toy, discover the fun of henna tattoos, see the first unicorns in history.

Feb 2017 - See the beginning of The Great Wall in Ancient China ~ Paint a terracotta warrior, fly an ancient style of kite, relax with a cup of tea, make a magnetic compass.

March 2017 - Visit Hammurabi's Court in Ancient Babylon ~ Choose your own story as you explore Hammurabi's code, make your own soap, create a cylinder seal.


April 2017 - Ride the steppes of Ancient Russia and Asia with the Scythians ~ Sew a warm wool hat, learn the art of gold leaf, discover the origins on Amazon warriors and centaur monsters.

May 2017 - Visit the Roman resort of Pompeii... just don't stay for too long ~ Learn to tile a mosaic, make a Roman wax tablet, explore the ancient graffiti of Pompeii, bake bread from a 2000 year old recipe, own your own volcanic rock.

June 2017 - Visit the Jomon people of stone age Japan ~ Weave a basket, decorate a clay pot, own your own stone arrowhead, enjoy a tasty snack of chestnuts.

July 2017 - Visit the richest kingdom in the ancient world:  Ancient Ghana ~ Practice the art of oral storytelling, weave on a circle loom, find out why salt was worth it's weight in gold and then use it to preserve food.

August 2017 - Enjoy a sweet, six-legged snack with the Aboriginal people of Ancient Australia ~ Decorate a returning boomerang, read an aboriginal creation story, mix paint from ancient pigments, recreate 40,000 year old cave art.

Sept 2017 - Meet the man whose change of heart brought peace to the Mauryan empire in Ancient India ~ Make your own stick incense, decorate with rangoli stencils, own your own hand-carved wooden stamp, and read from Ashoka the Great's writings.

Oct 2017 - Visit King Giligamesh in the first city in the world: Uruk ~ Enjoy Sumerian mythology, bake cuneiform cookies, make a personal seal, learn about the art and history of Ancient Uruk.

Nov 2017 - Meet the "heretic king" Ahkanaten and his son Tutankhamun in ancient Egypt ~ Make a working sundial, paint a papyrus scroll, have fun with the Egyptian gods' family tree.

Dec 2017 - Go on Campaign with Alexander the Great ~ Watercolor Alexander's empire, own your own action figure, find out why you're glad we have modern medicine.

Jan 2018 - Find out why many people loved, and hated, Julius Caesar ~ Listen to a perfectly abridged version of Shakespeare's play, weave a laurel wreath, own your own replica Roman coin.

Feb 2018 - Enjoy daily life with the Israelites under King David's rule ~ Craft and light an olive oil lamp, blow a ram's horn trumpet, learn the historic significance of cheese and then make some to enjoy. 

March 2018- Enjoy Egypt at the time of the Pyramid of Giza ~ Mummify an apple, decorate a sarcophagus, play the world's first board game, read a 4000 year old Cinderella story, make an ancient dessert.

April 2018 - Sail to the merchant civilization of the Phoenicians ~ Make papyrus, learn the art of dyeing fabric, write your name in an ancient script.

May 2018  - Meet the Olmec people of Ancient Mesoamerica ~ Carve an animal out of soapstone, make a ceremonial mask, whip up some ancient hot chocolate, learn the world's first organized sport.

June 2018 - Study with Plato in ancient Greece ~ Learn the allegory of The Cave, construct a mobile with Plato's geometric solids, enjoy stickers with some of Plato's most quotable quotes.