Customer Feedback and Reviews

One of our young customers, enjoying History.

Want a peek inside our boxes? Here are a few of our latest reviews:

"If you want to bring some fun and hands-on history to your children’s lives, or if you want to help history come alive and become relevant, I highly recommend this box!"— Sara from BeejuBoxes
"The information was simple and easy to understand.  All I had to do was read it, which was awesome! After all of the hours I put in, researching and finding educational information on everything we do, it’s nice to have it done for me. I mean, it was really, really nice."— Tiffany Jordon from Beyond the Bologna
"I was really impressed with History Unboxed b/c the creator of it had done everything I would do had I the time."— Celena Janton from The Travelling Sisterhood
"The box was seriously amazing and my son learned so much from reading things, explaining, and him asking tons of questions."— Sandy Zimmerman: Adventures with my Geeklings
"History Unboxed is the most awesome history learning idea that I’ve ever heard of. To make history a box of surprises on a monthly basis makes it a fun gift and to include interactive crafts and activities makes each part easily memorable."The Crunchy Mom Next Door
"If you’re like me, there’s been more than one great project idea that’s fallen by the wayside because you didn’t have all the necessary supplies. With History Unboxed, all the legwork is done for you and it comes straight to your mailbox each month."— Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers
"The owners really seem passionate about their box and they listen to feedback.  Good customer service goes a long way with me."Subscription Box Mom
"The fact that each box will contain everything you will possibly need for the projects is phenomenal to me... I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t even have to get a marker or anything!"— Sandy Zimmerman: Adventures with my Geeklings