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Are all the supplies for the crafts included in the box?

Yes, with the exception of anything perishable (such as the apple to mummify in the mummification kit.) This is the occasional exception, however, we want you and your child to be able to open the box and start learning, not hunt around for supplies! Enrichment activities, such as recipes, do not have the supplies included.

Does History Unboxed represent historical events in the context of a modern belief system?

It is our goal to provide your child with hands-on, enrichment activities that will spark their interest and serve as a jumping off point for further learning. History Unboxed can easily be incorporated into the way that you love to teach history in your family.

Are there lesson plans included in each box?

Traditional lesson plans are not included in each box; however, using your subscription in conjunction with the book list included in each box and the free resources we post for our customers on Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter, and through our email list History Unboxed can easily be used as either as a stand alone curriculum or in harmony with your existing curriculum of choice. The only curriculum element that History Unboxed does not include is tests and quizzes. 

What are the Key Differences between the 5-9 year old box and the 10-15 year old box?

The box for 5-9 year-olds is more visual and contains high interest, briefer conversation points to help start a dialogue about history. It is also more heavily screened for historic violence and is kept age appropriate for the youngest students. We additionally provide a sheet of information for parents or educators so they can learn more about each civilization to discuss with their student. This box is meant to be used under the direction of a parent, older student, or educator.

The box for 10-15 year-olds contains a lot more detail and in depth information. It comes with a penpal style letter for "Ava" our time traveling teenager, a detailed coloring sheet, and an additional page of historic information. It is meant to be enjoyed mostly independently. 

The crafts are often the same, but occasionally a more complex version is used for the older boxes.

I have multiple children. Do you offer deals for siblings?

Yes! We've been there, and we are happy to offer add-on packs for each subscription. After you select your primary Plan, you will be offered the opportunity to select "Add-on Subscriptions." You can select as many of each age group as you like, and extra materials will be included every month to expand the projects for multiple participants.

When will American History be available?

We are currently on track to open up American History Subscriptions in August 2017. Boxes may be available on a on demand basis prior to that time, but we do not have release dates yet. Customers can start with our Mali box available now and learn about some of the African cultures that helped shape America.Stay in touch with us via our email list for new product announcements.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We now offer shipping options to Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. If you are located in a country that is not listed and would like to purchase, please contact us at Elizabeth@historyunboxed so that we can verify shipping options for your location.