How it Works

Let us help you discover history in a whole new way

The adventure begins when you sign up for your subscription! You will receive a welcome box including

  • An interactive timeline poster
  • A welcome letter and coloring sheet
  • A time capsule kit to create your own historic memento
  • A worksheet to help students understand how to read a timeline
  • Additional art and organizational materials to use throughout your subscription

Then each month you will receive a new box exploring a different place in time.

Ancient History Middle Ages American History

Boxes are tailored  to three different age groups, to keep the materials engaging for everyone!

Highly visual, approachable materials for younger students that can be explored with the help of an educator. In addition to craft materials, recipes, and souvenirs our monthly magazine helps give educators the background they need to teach about the topic of the month.

An in-depth, relatable version of the subscription that can be completed mostly independently. Learn about the past through the eyes of a teenager and enjoy memorable crafts, recipes, stories, and mementos.

Relax and become inspired with a monthly history fix as you try your hand at a wide variety of crafts, historic recipes, and history based games. Bite sized bits of history fit into your busy schedule and provide you with fun information you will want to share with your friends.

Start enjoying every minute of history — Subscribe today!