Ghana Unboxed

Inside this Box

  • Find out why salt was as valuable as gold
  • Learn about and weave with cotton
  • Listen to West African stories about a trickster spider
  • Play games based on the ancient tradition of oral storytelling with The Writer Emergency Pack
  • Color the richest city in the ancient world

...and more!

Please note that box contents my differ in slight cosmetic ways from image.

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What's included?

  • A weaving kit including a circle loom, needle, threader, and cotton thread
  • A dried cotton boll (blossom)
  • A oral storytelling activity including a CD with Anansi stories and The Writer Emergency Pack
  • A recipe for salt cured lemons
  • A coloring sheet featuring ancient Ghana
  • Print outs that provide historic information and educational resources
  • A sticker to add to your History Unboxed timeline poster (sold separately)