Scythians Unboxed (ancient Russia/ Asia)

Inside this Box

  • Make your own Scythian style wool hat
  • Learn the art of gold leafing as you recreate an ancient artifact
  • Meet the people who inspired the mythological Amazons and Centaurs
  • Color an ancient nomadic camp

...and more!

Please note that box contents my differ in slight cosmetic ways from image. 2nd image shows both age options, purchased separately.

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What's included?

  • A gold leafing kit including horse shaped cut out, gold leaf, glue, cotton gloves
  • A sewing kit including a hat pattern, felt wool, needle, chalk, and thread
  • A centaur wall decal
  • A coloring sheet featuring the ancient Scythians
  • Print outs that provide historic information and educational resources
  • A sticker to add to your History Unboxed timeline poster (sold separately)