American Revolution Unboxed (U.S. History)

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Inside American Revolution Unboxed

  • Write with a quill pen and ink like people during the American Revolution
  • Make a “Paul Revere” tin punch lantern
  • Enjoy a cup of liberty tea while learning about the Boston Tea Party
  • Read excerpts from George Washington’s journal & the poem of Paul Revere’s Ride

…and more!

Our high-quality hands-on history kits bring American history to life for learners of all ages.  Each history box has everything you need for engaging history lessons. Our boxes can serve as a stand-alone American history curriculum or pair with traditional social studies curricula.  Looking for group lessons? Check out our history-to-go kits!

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Curious about what’s inside? Watch an unboxing video from Build Your Library.

Looking for George Washington’s Journal Part 1? Go back in time to the French & Indian War.


Then there were those people living in the thirteen colonies who were not English citizens: Black people and Native Americans.  They had opinions too.  Virginia’s royal governor promised freedom to all enslaved blacks who fought on the British side.  American forces also sometimes offered freedom to enslaved men who enlisted.  Some Black people believed they would have greater rights if the Americans won. While Black men enlisted on both sides, the majority sided with the Patriots.  The Second Continental Congress warned Native Americans to stay out of the conflict entirely, but it played out differently.  The Iroquois Confederacy split over the issue. Joseph Brant, a Mohawk, led his people to an alliance with the British, while the Mohicans of Massachusetts signed up to fight beside their neighbors on the Patriot side.”

The Boston Tea Party

Have you ever heard of the Boston Tea Party? It may be America’s most famous tea party, but it had nothing to do with fancy tea sets and tasty pastries.  Remember, the British government needed to raise money to pay off the costs of the French and Indian War.  Governments raise money by charging taxes.  And one of the most popular imports was tea.  Some historians believe that the Americans drank even more tea per person than people living in England, who were already paying high taxes on tea.  The popular story is that the American colonists were so angry about having to pay taxes on tea that they threw it into Boston Harbor.  Is that exactly what happened?”

Founding a Country

Who was the first president of the United States? If you answered George Washington, you are correct!  He became president in 1789.  But wait! The thirteen colonies declared their independence in 1776 and won the war in 1781.  Who was running the country for the thirteen years between independence and George Washington’s election?”

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Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 11.125 × 8 × 4 in

What's included?

  • A quill and in set including blank parchment paper, a quill, and ink powder
  • A kit for making a tin punch lantern including a punch set, craft hammer, metal blank, tea light, and permanent marker
  • A herbal tea bag
  • A small booklet containing George Washington's writings
  • A copy of the poem Paul Revere's Ride
  • An age specific custom coloring sheet
  • A full color magazine about the American Revolution including art, articles, book lists, and teaching resources
  • A sticker to add to your History Unboxed timeline poster (sold separately)

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