Ancient History Lessons


Tired of history being boiled down to dates and battles? Trying to separate fact from fiction? Looking for history lessons that will work with your family’s belief system?

Let us help you! Instantly download gorgeous lesson plans for ancient world civilizations.

Each lesson is the product of over a hundred hours of research, art, design, and development from our team of historians, educational specialists, and artists. Lesson plans are presented in a factual format that will allow you to seamlessly incorporate our lessons into your family’s world view.

Let us help you make history unforgettable for your student with History Unboxed lessons.



What's included?

Each download contains 8 full color pages of articles, craft ideas, maps, games, book lists, recipes, stories, art, and photos to take you on an unforgettable tour of some of the most interesting, beautiful, and exciting places in history.*

Kids history lessons include a printable Comic Coloring page for a fun and visually engaging approach to history.

Teen history lessons include a detailed coloring page and a penpal style letter to bring history to life through relatable details and engaging descriptions.

*Please note that all booklets contain most of these items, but not every lesson has a game, recipe, and a myth. Some lesson plans also contain additional items. Please contact with any questions


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