American History Summer Camp in a Box!

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Just because it’s summer, you and your learners don’t have to stop learning! Get a head start on your American History lessons with the first three boxes of our American History Subscription; Mali Unboxed, Powhatan Unboxed, and European Explorers Unboxed!  All boxes will ship at the same time.

In Mali Unboxed you’ll…

  • Make your own mud dye and decorate a place mat in a traditional style
  • Enjoy a gold treat and learn about the richest man in the world
  • Put together a magnetic puzzle featuring some of Mali’s amazing architecture
  • Read a perfectly abridged version of The Epic of Sundiata
  • Color a beautiful Mali cityscape

In the Powhatan Unboxed you’ll…

  • Bake both modern and historic cornbread for a taste test comparison – then pair it with some delicious beef jerky for a Powhatan style meal
  • Explore the art of bead weaving and make a wampum style bracelet
  • Learn about leather working and own your own leather pouch
  • Read the legend of The Three Sister and plant your own Three Sisters garden
  • Meet the first Americans just before contact with European Explorers

In European Explorers Unboxed you’ll…

  • Learn to use a compass and use it to go on a treasure hunt
  • Play several historic card games with your own 16th century replica playing cards
  • Discover the people, foods, and diseases of the Columbian Exchange and then sample a fruit previously unknown to Europeans!
  • Try your hand at tying the knots that would have been used on a sailing vessel in a single player knot tying game
  • Read a ghost story that would have truly terrified the bravest of explorers


Whats Included?

Our high-quality hands-on history kits bring ancient civilizations to life for learners of all ages.  Each history box has everything you need for engaging history lessons, including the materials, full-color magazine . Our boxes can serve as a stand-alone history curriculum or pair with traditional social studies curricula. Click the link for each box to see whats included! 

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