Ancient History Summer Camp in a Box!

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Just because it’s summer, you and your learners don’t have to stop learning! Check out our Ancient History Summer Bundle which includes Ancient China Unboxed, Mauryan Empire Unboxed, and Pharaohs Unboxed! All will ship at the same time.

In Ancient China Unboxed you’ll…

  • Color the Great Wall
  • Excavate your own (reproduction) ancient Chinese artifact
  • Taste an ancient preparation of tea
  • Decorate and fly an ancient style of kite
  • Make a magnetic compass

In the Mauryan Empire Unboxed you’ll…

  • Make your own stick incense
  • Get messy with the ancient art of rangoli
  • Read the words of Ashoka the Great about his change of heart
  • Own a hand carved block printing stamp (artifact replica)

In Pharaohs Unboxed you’ll…

  • Paint a papyrus scroll
  • Make a functioning sun dial
  • Enjoy a humorous Egyptian Gods Family Tree poster
  • Learn about two of the most famous Pharaohs in Egyptian History


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Whats Included?

Our high-quality hands-on history kits bring ancient civilizations to life for learners of all ages.  Each history box has everything you need for engaging history lessons, including the materials, full-color magazine . Our boxes can serve as a stand-alone ancient history curriculum or pair with traditional social studies curricula. Click the link for each box to see whats included! 

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