Middle Ages History Summer Camp in a Box!

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Just because it’s summer, you and your learners don’t have to stop learning! Check out our Medieval History Summer Bundle which includes Benin Unboxed, Medieval Japan Unboxed, and Maya Empire Unboxed! All boxes will ship at the same time.

In Benin Unboxed you’ll…

  • Discover how snail shells were used as currency and make your money cowrie jewelry
  • Enjoy using a traditional Nigerian bar soap
  • Learn to play traditional African and modern songs on a kalimba thumb piano
  • Read the folktale of Emotan who cared for Benin’s children and even hid the king from usurpers as told by our Own Voices author Ekiuwa Aire
  • Color one of Benin Kingdom’s leaders from the Middle Age

In the Medieval Japan Unboxed you’ll…

  • Build your own sand garden
  • Try your hand at the art of origami
  • Learn the history of tea and enjoy a treat made from matcha (green tea) powder
  • Read, compose, and recompose Wakka poetry with a magnetic poetry set
  • Read a folk tale from the middle ages
  • Color a Samurai warrior

In Maya Empire Unboxed you’ll…

  • Learn the history of chewing gum and make your own with a Mayan twist
  • Learn about the Mayan Calendar System and create your own circular calendar model
  • Apply temporary tattoos while learning the importance of body art to the Maya
  • Own your own Macaw feather and find out why the Maya might have executed you for having it
  • Color a Mayan temple


Whats Included?

Our high-quality hands-on history kits bring ancient civilizations to life for learners of all ages.  Each history box has everything you need for engaging history lessons, including the materials, full-color magazine . Our boxes can serve as a stand-alone ancient history curriculum or pair with traditional social studies curricula. Click the link for each box to see whats included! 

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