Create your own homeschool history curriculum by pairing Blossom and Root’s River of Voices with hands-on history through History Unboxed®

Wondering how to combine two great resources into your ideal American History curriculum? Check out our guide on matching up history unit studies from History Unboxed® with resources from Blossom and Root.

A River of Voices: The History of the United States: Volume 1

Lesson 2: Spanish Explorers in the South; Explorers Unboxed

Lesson 5: Jamestown; Jamestown Unboxed

Lesson 7: The Journey of the Mayflower: Plymouth Unboxed

Lesson 9: From Africa to Virginia: Mali Unboxed

Lesson 10: Harvest Traditions: Thanksgiving Downloadable Lessons

Lesson 11: Native People of the Southeast: Powhatan Unboxed

Lesson 12: The Puritans & the Salem Witch Trials: Plymouth Unboxed

Lesson 16: The French & Indian Wars; French and Indian War Unboxed

Lesson 17: Spanish Missions: Missions Unboxed

Lessons 19-29: Revolutionary War Lessons: Revolutionary War Unboxed


A River of Voices: The History of the United States: Volume 2

Lesson 8: The Corps of Discovery; Lewis and Clark Unboxed

Lesson 19: The California Gold Rush: Going West

Chapters 26-32: The Civil War; Civil War Unboxed