Let us help you discover history in a whole new way.

Nothing brings life to learning like a hands-on history box full of stories, crafts, and more, delivered to your door!

Teaching history lessons from a textbook? Whether you are a homeschool family, charter school parent or classroom teacher, there is a better way!

Students love learning history the Unboxed way! Make your curriculum come alive with exciting open-and-go history boxes.

The adventure begins when you order a single box, sign up for a subscription or purchase a complete curriculum! 

If your order includes a Welcome Box, you receive:

  • An interactive timeline poster
  • A welcome letter and coloring sheet
  • A time capsule kit to create your own historic memento
  • A worksheet to help students understand how to read a timeline
  • A Family Tree kit for exploring your student’s personal history
  • A Parent or Educator Activity Guide
  • Student Time Travel Journal

For subscriptions, each month you will receive a new box exploring a different place in time, according to the era you selected. For single boxes or a complete curriculum, everything arrives at once for you to use when you are ready. Each box contains:

  • A coloring sheet
  • 1-2 (very!) high-quality crafts
  • A sticker for your timeline
  • 2-3 items of additional enrichment material
  • A full-color magazine with all the information you need for an engaging history lesson

No matter when you start your subscription, your boxes will arrive in chronological order.

Graphic showing what each history box contains

There are three timelines to explore with a series of unique, immersive history boxes:

Ancient History

Icon depicting Ancient History

Start exploring the ancient world as we take you on a tour of 18 of the most beautiful, influential, and fascinating places in history!

Our Ancient History Timeline spans from 5000 BC/BCE to 400 AD/CE.

Middle Ages

Adventure in the Middle Ages as we travel to some of the most amazing, fascinating, and thrilling times in history!

Our Middle Ages timeline spans from 500 AD/CE to 1350 AD/CE.

American History (USA)

Learn the History of the United States of America and gain a new appreciation for the people, events, and cultures that formed our great nation!

Start with the three major cultures that came together in our beginnings (Africa, Europe, and Native American) and then learn about colonial life, the Revolutionary War, our Constitution, and more.

Our American History timeline runs through the Civil War.

Each history box is available in two different versions, to keep the materials engaging for all ages!

After feedback from our Unboxers, we have combined our Kid and Teen options into a single Youth option to give educators and learners the best of both worlds. Younger students can explore the materials with the help of an educator, while teens can complete the projects mostly independently. Besides craft materials, recipes, and souvenirs, our full-color magazine helps give educators the background they need to teach this history lesson in a box.

Relax and become inspired with your own history fix as you try your hand at a wide variety of crafts, historic recipes, and history-based games. Bite-sized bits of history fit into your busy schedule and provide you with fun information you will want to share with your friends. Content may include discussion of mature topics.

Meet the Team


Educational Team


Image of Elizabeth playing with her kids

Elizabeth Hauris is the owner and founder of History Unboxed®. She is a small business enthusiast, creative force, and mom to 7 excellent children.

As a child, she volunteered at a living history museum and went on to co-direct the educational programs there as an adult.

She has also home-educated her own children for the last eleven years. During that time, she taught at a local co-op for two years…so the idea of bringing hands-on history enrichment activities to your family is both very natural and very exciting for her! As homeschooling families know, textbooks are great, but nothing beats hand-on learning activities!

A Caucasia woman wearing glasses and and orange and red dress stands in front of a blurry background of a forest on a sunny winter day.

Stephanie Hanson is a former public school teacher turned home educator with a passion for history and food. She is the Creative Director at History Unboxed® and the author of the magazines and many of the books published by History Unboxed®.

In college, she majored in history, and then went back to school for a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. She spent eight years in various classrooms: a Montessori preschool, substitute teaching every grade K-12, and finally two years teaching fifth grade. She always enjoyed finding just the right curriculum and resources for her students.

She also worked on the farm at a local historic home, educating the public about farm life in the eighteenth century. She has continued to volunteer as a living history educator. Stephanie now raises her four kids to love history as much as she does.

Artistic Team

Avatar image of David

David is the artist behind many of the comics at History Unboxed®. He is a computer programmer and freelance artist.

He has always enjoyed comics and art, and history is one thing he enjoys reading. It’s been really fun to learn about a new piece of history each month and watch as his two sons get excited over what he is drawing.

With History Unboxed®, his art helps history come alive through fun coloring sheets and other learning materials.

Image of Matt in his office

Matt Maley is a working artist with over twenty-five years in the fields of illustration, design and sculpture. He also teaches after-school cartooning classes, and incorporates his love of history, science and the environment into much of his work.

Matt creates exceptional learning resources exclusively for History Unboxed®, contributing to the complete, multi-sensory learning experience.

Matt lives in New Paltz, NY with his wife, daughter, six chickens, one dog and a cat (when she’s around). www.mattmaley.com

Customer Service Team

Katie, a white woman, stands with her three children on a farm.

Katie has been with History Unboxed® since 2015 and has grown right along with the business. She currently works with Accounts Payable and Receivable, Purchasing and Inventory Management and oversees Customer Service, Repackaging and Fulfillment.