Looking for a preview of a sample lesson with History Unboxed? Here you'll get a taste of what it's like to time travel with us.

When our hands-on history boxes arrive, the first thing my kids do is open it up and take everything out as if it's a birthday present. Join us for a sample lesson to see what it's like when we receive our box!

This box was Islamic Empire Unboxed for teens with two sibling add-ons for kids. It included:

  • A prism pendant kit for each student
  • A miswak (stick toothbrush) for each student
  • Rock candy kit for each student
  • Coloring page for each student
  • Dear Friend letter from a time traveling penpal
  • Open and Read summary sheet for younger students
  • 8 page magazine with articles and instructions
  • Timeline sticker

After we look at the box contents, we start the lesson. Usually I read the first page of the magazine while they color.

Sometimes, we work through the activities in the order they are presented in the magazine. Other times, I see what most sparks their interest from the materials in the box. Is it going to be growing rock candy? Or making a prism pendant? Maybe it would be a good idea to eat the rock candy and then clean our teeth with the miswak (a traditional natural toothbrush). We often read the accompanying magazine article at the beginning of each project.

This time, the kids wanted to start with the prism. I read to them about science in the Islamic Empire while they threaded their beads.

Then it was time to make rock candy! Each kid got a turn at the stove. We always do sibling add-ons so everyone can join the fun with a minimum of sibling squabbles.

Since it takes several days for the sugar crystals to grow, we decided to try out the miswak. It was a very different experience for them!

We had fun watching the crystals develop over time. The kids were fascinated by the amount of growth.

Finally, it was time to eat!

We chat about the discussion questions as we go and sometimes I add in books from the further reading list while they work on projects. After we've done everything that comes in the box, we might try enrichment suggestions in the box or check out additional ideas on Pinterest.  We wrap up our study by placing our timeline sticker on the History Unboxed® timeline.

A Caucasian girl with long brown hair smiles at the camera as she places a sticker on a light blue timeline.

Here are some sample pages for a closer look:

Here are samples of our lesson plans with discussion questions and a step-by-step walk through of our materials: