News Programs

We love being on the news! History Unboxed makes a great human interest story for back-to-school, creative holiday gifting, smart summer fun, and other topics. Just let us know your angle, and we'll help you pick exactly the right product for your segment.

In addition to physical boxes, we can provide you with talking points, video demonstrations, live interviews, and more. Whatever you think would spice up the segment, although as you can see in this video, the boxes are pretty screen-filling by themselves!

A recent spot from Good Day Sacramento!


We've had a lot of good times with bloggers who want to review our products, but over the years we've found that not every blog is a good fit. Here are some basic guidelines to help you assess whether or not your blog is a candidate for reviewing History Unboxed!

Are you social-only?

Some reviewers are purely Youtubers who do unboxing videos, or curators of special interest Facebook pages. That's great! If the below list sounds like it describes your platform-of-choice, then we could be a match.

Your blog must already be live and thriving in the world.

We totally support new bloggers, but we get a lot of requests from folks who don't have anything up and running yet. Unfortunately, there's just no way to send product to everyone without going broke! So please come back when your site is launched and lovely, and we'll see if we can help each other out.

You should have some verifiable statistics to share about your readership.

Screenshots from your Google Analytics panel are the best for this! We don't need to see everything, but whatever you think shows us how active your readership is. Things like page views, average visitor time on site, bounce rate, and geographic distribution really help us figure out if your readership is a good target for us.

You should have other sample reviews you can show us.

We put tons of thought and effort into our boxes, so the reviewers we're most excited about are the ones who go the extra mile in their reviews! Good quality pictures/videos and original written content really engages your readers... and that's great for both of us.

Your community should be active.

Is your comment section hoppin'? Are your readers chatting, reacting, sharing, and opining? That tells us that you produce great content that keeps people coming back (kind of like us!) and makes partnering for a review a super attractive proposition.

Ready to reach out?

If you think we're a match, let's start the conversation! Fill out our review request form, and someone from our team will get back to you.