Create your own homeschool history curriculum by pairing Oak Meadow with hands-on history through History Unboxed®

Wondering how to combine two great resources into your ideal social studies curriculum? Check out our guide on matching up history unit studies from History Unboxed® with Oak Meadow lesson plans.

From Grade 2 all the way through Grade 6, our boxes can be paired with many of the social studies lessons. Grades 5 & 6 take a deep dive into the Ancient World, the Middle Ages, and American History (including Indigenous experience)s, matching closely with our hands-on unit studies. All of History Unboxed’s® American History boxes include the history Indigenous Americans, reviewed by Indigenous educators.

Grade 2:

Lessons 1 & 2: Ancient China; Ancient China Unboxed

Lesson 3: Mali; Mali Unboxed

Lessons 6, 7, and 8: The Celts; Saint Patricks Day downloadable lesson

Lesson 12: Africa; Mali Unboxed, Ghana Empire Unboxed, Benin

Grade 3

Lesson 1: Ancient Hebrew; Ancient Israelites Unboxed

Lesson 4: Phoenicians; Phoenicia Unboxed

Lesson 5: Hieroglyphs/Kush Ancient Egypt

Lesson 9: The Frontier; Going West Unboxed & Lewis and Clark Unboxed

Lesson 30: Ancient Laws; Babylon Unboxed

Grade 4

Lesson 7: Research a Native American Group; Powhatan Unboxed

Lesson 19: Early Explorers & Colonial Settlers: Explorers Unboxed & Jamestown

Lesson 22: Settlers & Squatters: Going West

Lesson 29: California Gold Rush: Going West

Grade 5

*All of History Unboxed’s® American History boxes include the experiences of Indigenous people, reviewed by Indigenous educators*

Lessons 1 & 2: Early Explorers & Christopher Columbus; Explorers Unboxed

Lesson 3: Early colonies; Jamestown Unboxed

Lesson 4 & 7: Mayflower Compact & Salem Witch Trials; Plymouth Unboxed

Lesson 11: Spanish Missions/French & Indian War; Missions Unboxed & French and Indian War Unboxed

Lessons 13-15: American Revolution; The American Revolution Unboxed

lesson 21: Thomas Jefferson; Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark; Lewis & Clark Unboxed

Lesson 24: Native American Leaders; Powhatan

Lessons 25-28: The American west; Lewis & Clark Unboxed & Going West Unboxed

Lesson 29-30: Civil War, Slavery and Abolitionists; The Civil War Unboxed


Grade 6

Lesson 1: The Stone Age; Jomon Unboxed, Aboriginal Australia, Stone Age downloadable lesson

Lesson 2: Ancient Mesopotamia; Babylon Unboxed, & Uruk Unboxed

Lesson 3: Ancient Egypt; Pharaohs Unboxed

Lesson 4: Ancient Egyptian Civilization; Egypt Unboxed

Lesson 5 & 6: Ancient Israelites/Hebrew History; Ancient Israelites Unboxed

Lesson 8: Ancient India; Harappa and Mohenjo-daro Unboxed

Lesson 9: Ancient China; Ancient China Unboxed

Lesson 11: Ancient Africa; Mali Unboxed, Benin Unboxed, Ghana Unboxed

Lesson 13: Ancient Greece: Athens Unboxed

Lesson 14: Ancient Greek Civilization: Alexander the Great Unboxed & A is for Alexander

Lesson 15: Ancient Rome; Julius Caesar Unboxed

Lesson 16: The Roman Empire; Pompeii Unboxed

Lesson 18: Islam: The Islamic Empire Unboxed

Lesson 20: Middle Ages; Vikings, Anglo-Saxon Unboxed, Charlemagne Unboxed

Lesson 23 & 24: The Changing Society & The Crusades of the Middle Ages; Byzantine Empire Unboxed, Mongols Unboxed, G is for Genghis Khan

Lesson 30: Mayan Civilization: Maya Unboxed

Lesson 31: First People’s of North America; Powhatan Unboxed

Lesson 34: Early Explorers: European Explorers Unboxed


Grade 7

Lesson 1: African Empires; Phoenicia Unboxed & Mali Unboxed

Lesson 2: The Early Dynasties of Asia (400 BCE- 1854 CE); Korea UnboxedMedieval Japan Unboxed, & Ming Dynasty Unboxed

Lesson 3: The Early Empires of India & Middle East (900 BCE – 550 CE); Harappa and Mohenjo-daro Unboxed (Ancient India/Indus valley)

Lesson 4: Islamic World; Islamic Empire Unboxed

Lesson 5/6: unit project & learning reflection : Ancient Eats Cookbook

Lesson 7: Renaissance, Reformation, and the Age of Enlightenment (1350 – 1830); Charlemagne Unboxed

Lesson 10: age of exploration (1500-1800); Explorers UnboxedMaya Empire Unboxed

Lesson 12: Revolutionary spirit (1775 – 1815); American Revolution Unboxed

Lesson 15: The Abolition Movement and the US Civil war; Civil War Unboxed

Lesson 16: Radical Change in the Americas (1830-1920); French & Indian War UnboxedGoing West Unboxed