Stone Age Unboxed (Digital Magazine)


Learn all about the Stone Age with this easy to use downloadable lesson.

Modern humans, (thats us!) have only been around for about 300,000 years but our early human ancestors lived on this planet nearly 1.5 MILLION years ago! During that time hunter-gatherer humans explored the world, developed tools, built shelters, created art, and so much more! While often viewed as primitive, both ancient & modern hunter-gatherer were anything but primitive. In lesson you will:

  • Learn about the Stone Age innovations that are still in use today
  • Make your own Stone Age tools & art
  • Learn how to forage for your own food & materials
  • Find out how ancient wolves became our domesticated friends
  • Explore the Stone Age & human evolution with a long list of books for further reading

…and more!

Full color, 22 page download



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