Valentine’s Day Unboxed (Digital Magazine)


Today, Valentine’s Day is a worldwide holiday, celebrated with candy, chocolate, love notes, and romantic dinners. But would it surprise you to know that it wasn’t until the Middle Ages that Valentine’s Day really acquired its association with love? Before that, Valentine’s Day was Saint Valentine’s Day, a Catholic feast day, and even before that ancient festivals of fertility dominated the month of February, and were precursors to the Valentine’s celebrations today. In this lesson you’ll…

♥️Learn how Valentine’s Day got its name & the origins of Valentine’s symbols and phrases we still use today
💐 Discover a 19th-century secret language of love that was full of potential miscommunication
🐺Find out what wolves, bees, and birds have in common with Valentine’s Day
💝 Make some Valentines treats and learn the origin of popular candy
☕️ Hold a Valentine’s Day poetry teatime
🌏 Explore celebrations of love & friendship around the world

and more!

52 pages, full color

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