Pride Month Unboxed (Digital Magazine)


Learn all about Pride Month with this easy to use downloadable lesson!

In this lesson, you’ll learn all about the History of Pride Month as an LGBTQIA+ event. You’ll learn about important people and events that led to the creation of this month-long celebration. You’ll also gain an understanding of the difference between sex and gender, and the many ways that people identify themselves. We’ve also included resources for you to explore attending a Pride event near you!

In this lesson…

  • Learn the history of the rainbow as a symbol of the LGBTQIA+ community and the meaning of each color
  • Explore the timeline of LGBTQIA+ history and why we celebrate Pride Month in June
  • Learn about the different Pride flags and what they mean
  • Design your own Pride flag
  • Discover ways to support the LGBTQIA+ community and host your own Pride Party
  • Plus take a deep dive into history with an extensive reading list

51 pages, Full Color


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