Contact & About Us

Questions? Ideas? Assistance? I'm here! Please email or call 607-UNBOXED (607-862-6933) and I will be happy to assist you personally.

Meet our Educational Team

Hi! I'm Elizabeth. Small business enthusiast, creative force, and mom to 6 excellent children. As a child I volunteered at a living history museum and went on to co-direct the educational programs there as an adult. I also have home educated my own children for the last eleven years and taught at a local co-op for two years... so the idea of bringing hands-on history enrichment activities to your family is both very natural and very exciting for me! Thank you for supporting my family business and allowing me to share the learning that I love.  
Hi! I'm Stephanie. My passion for history began at an early age, sparked by my Felicity doll and books. In college, I majored in history, and then went back to school for a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.  I spent eight years in various classrooms: a Montessori preschool, substitute teaching every grade K-12, and finally two years teaching fifth grade. I worked on the farm at a local historic home, educating the public about farm life in the eighteenth century. I also do living history as a hobby and dabble in spinning, weaving, and homesteading.  I'm now a mom of two little ones of my own, and plan on homeschooling both of them.  

Meet Our Artistic Team

My name's David, I'm 49 and work as a computer programmer and freelance artist.  I've always enjoyed comics and art in general, and history is one of the things I enjoy reading.  It's been really fun to learn about a new piece of history each month and watch as my two sons get excited over what I'm drawing. 
Matt Maley is a working artist with over twenty-five years in the fields of  Illustration, Design and Sculpture. He also teaches after-school cartooning classes, and incorporates his love of history, science and the environment into much of his work.
Matt lives in New Paltz, NY with his wife, daughter, six chickens, one dog and a cat (when she’s around).