Plymouth Unboxed


Inside this Box

  • Try your hand at wool spinning and make your own yarn
  • Make and play a traditional colonial game of marbles
  • Explore a variety of recipes that might have been at the Thanksgiving feast in Plymouth
  • Find out how you might have fared in the Salem Witch Trials

…and more!

  • Sibling Add-Ons

    You can order extra consumables and craft kits with each box, to include other kids in the fun!

    + Extra materials for:

    • 60 $
    • 60 $
    • 60 $

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What's included?

  • A wooden drop spindle and top quality wool roving prepared for hand spinning
  • A kit for making marbles including polymer clay, storage bag, and chalk
  • A booklet full of colonial era recipes from both European and Native sources
  • A Choose Your Own Story adventure booklet exploring the Salem Witch Trials
  • An age specific custom coloring sheet
  • An 8 page full color magazine about Plymouth including art, articles, book lists, and teaching resources
  • A sticker to add to your History Unboxed timeline poster (sold separately)

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 11.125 x 8 x 4 in

Group Orders

Are you purchasing for a classroom, large family, or co-op? Please contact us for special pricing on orders of 5+

Image note:

Please note that box contents may differ in slight cosmetic ways from image.


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