Bird Whistle (Indus Valley)


Play was an important part of life for the people of the Indus River civilization, both for children and for adults. Archaeologists have found clay figurines of cats, dogs, monkeys, and squirrels.  Some of these toys originally had wheels and string attached so a child could drag the toy.  Some of the figurines have pot bellies and holes in the base as well as holes for moveable arms.  Some archaeologists think these were used as puppets.  Other children played with toy boats, rattles, or bird whistles.   They placed their “lovies” in terracotta beds and lovingly covered them with woven blankets.  In other words, they had a lot in common with children today!

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Weight 2.1 oz

What's included?

Kit includes everything needed to recreate a functional ancient toy bird whistle:
  • Terracotta Bird Whistle
  • Pottery Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Historic Information & Instructions Sheet

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