The Wizard and the Future King Paperback


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Once there was a boy named Arthur who had a wizard for a teacher. Arthur wanted to be a knight like his brother. Arthur tried to learn how to be kind and humble and clever… but sometimes he forgot. He did not know he would ride to war when enemies invaded his country. He did not know he would one day pull a sacred sword from a stone. He did not know one day he would be king. This is the story of the first part of Arthur’s life.

Did you know some Arthurian legends have roots in historical events? Did you know some legends of King Arthur are over 1,000 years old and the story is still being embellished today?

Join your young reader on a beautiful retelling of the boy who would one day become a legendary king of Britain and dive deeper with historical tie-ins and educational text along the way.

Perfect for readers age 8-12

Our Leveled Readers feature a helpful dual rating system:

Reading Levels:

  • A) Read With Me: Simple text for child, deeper text for educators
  • B) I Love Reading: Stories to be enjoyed with independence

Theme Levels:

  • 1) Simple, gentle, fascinating stories
  • 2) Engaging story with mild story violence and/or conflict themes
  • 3) High interest story with dynamic language and moderate violence and/or conflict themes

This title is an A3

This title pairs well with Anglo-Saxons Unboxed!

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