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Start exploring the ancient world as we take you on a tour of 18 of the most beautiful, influential, and fascinating places in history!

Our Ancient History Timeline spans from 3500 BC/BCE to 500 AD/CE.

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  1. Visit the Jomon people of stone age Japan Weave a basket, decorate a clay pot, own your own stone arrowhead, enjoy a tasty snack of chestnuts.
  2. Visit King Giligamesh in the first city in the world: Uruk Enjoy Sumerian mythology, bake cuneiform cookies, make a personal seal, learn about the art and history of Ancient Uruk.
  3. Tour the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro in Ancient India Learn a ancient dice game, make beautiful bird calls using a 3,500 year old toy, discover the fun of henna tattoos, see the first unicorns in history.
  4. Enjoy Egypt at the time of the Pyramid of Giza Mummify an apple, decorate a sarcophagus, play the world’s first board game, read a 4000 year old Cinderella story, make an ancient dessert.
  5. Enjoy a sweet, six-legged snack with the Aboriginal people of Ancient Australia Decorate a returning boomerang, read an aboriginal creation story, mix paint from ancient pigments, recreate 40,000 year old cave art.
  6. Visit Hammurabi’s Court in Ancient Babylon Choose your own story as you explore Hammurabi’s code, make your own soap, create a cylinder seal.
  7. Meet the “heretic king” Ahkanaten and his son Tutankhamun in ancient Egypt Make a working sundial, paint a papyrus scroll, have fun with the Egyptian gods’ family tree.
  8. Enjoy daily life with the Israelites under King David’s rule Craft and light an olive oil lamp, blow a ram’s horn trumpet, learn the historic significance of cheese and then make some to enjoy.
  9. Meet the Olmec people of Ancient Mesoamerica Carve an animal out of soapstone, make a ceremonial mask, whip up some ancient hot chocolate, learn the world’s first organized sport.
  10. Sail to the merchant civilization of the Phoenicians Make papyrus, learn the art of dyeing fabric, write your name in an ancient script.
  11. Ride the steppes of Ancient Russia and Asia with the Scythians Sew a warm wool hat, learn the art of gold leaf, discover the origins on Amazon warriors and centaur monsters.
  12. Go on Campaign with Alexander the Great Watercolor Alexander’s empire, own your own action figure, find out why you’re glad we have modern medicine.
  13. Study with Plato in ancient Greece Learn the allegory of The Cave, construct a mobile with Plato’s geometric solids, enjoy stickers with some of Plato’s most quotable quotes.
  14. Meet the man whose change of heart brought peace to the Mauryan empire in Ancient India Make your own stick incense, decorate with rangoli stencils, own your own hand-carved wooden stamp, and read from Ashoka the Great’s writings.
  15. See the beginning of The Great Wall in Ancient China and fly an ancient style of kite, relax with a cup of tea, make a magnetic compass.
  16. Find out why many people loved, and hated, Julius Caesar Listen to a perfectly abridged version of Shakespeare’s play, weave a laurel wreath, own your own replica Roman coin.
  17. Visit the Roman resort of Pompeii… just don’t stay for too long Learn to tile a mosaic, make a Roman wax tablet, explore the ancient graffiti of Pompeii, bake bread from a 2000 year old recipe, own your own volcanic rock
  18. Visit the richest kingdom in the ancient world:  Ancient Ghana Practice the art of oral storytelling, weave on a circle loom, find out why salt was worth it’s weight in gold and then use it to preserve food.