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Adventure in the Middle Ages as we travel to some of the most amazing, fascinating, and thrilling times in history!

Our Middle Ages Timeline spans from 500 AD/CE to 1350 AD/CE.

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Schedule of Boxes

Please note that this list is intended as a guideline only: there are many factors that can affect the order and contents of each box.

    March 2017 - Enter the Forbidden City during the Ming Dynasty ~ Read the real Ballad of Mulan, learn about the social importance of fans, discover the origins of printing books and then print your own. 

    April 2017 - Discover scientific and hygienic advances in The Islamic Empire ~ Split white light in honor of the scientist who fist explained rainbows, grow rock candy as you learn why sweets suddenly became easier to find, and the brush your teeth the old fashioned way: with a miswak branch, 

    May 2017 - Tour the Byzantine Empire ~ Find out how riots, poetry, and political power often hinged on two things people still feel passionate about today: sports and religion. Enjoy an in depth look at icon painting and then try your hand at designing your own.

    June 2017 - Visit the Vikings and their Queen: Aud the Deep Minded ~ Get to know the real Vikings as you read a story about Thor and Loki, weave cord on a lucet, decorate and use a drinking horn, and play music on viking-style pan pipes. 

    July 2017 - Meet the richest man in the world in Medieval Mali ~ Find out how salt and location made this kingdom the wealthiest in history but how it's beautiful architecture and art came from a more humble source: mud. 

    August 2017 - Visit Japan and discover the age of the Samurai ~ Make your own mini rock garden and learn the art of origami. Enjoy a tasty treat with a traditional flavor and compose an artful form of poetry.

    Sept 2017 - Enjoy the sights and flavors of the Mayan culture ~ Learn about sacred feathers, divine tattoos, and delicious chocolate.

    October 2017 - Adventure in Old England with the Anglo Saxons ~ Embroider a section of the Bayeux Tapestry, make rune stone jewelry, and read a section of Beowulf.

    November 2017 - Visit Charlemagne's kingdom ~ Learn who you have to blame for school and who you have to thank for trial by jury. Follow in his footsteps by sleeping with a journal under your pillow and make a house to attract one of the most important livestock animals in Charlemagne's empire: bees.

    December 2017 - Ride with the Genghis Khan and the Mongols ~ Discover traditional Mongol games, enjoy felting wool, and refresh yourself with a traditional Mongolian drink.