American History Full Curriculum

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Learn the history of the United States of America and gain a new appreciation for the people, events, and cultures that came together in the rich history of our nation!

Our complete, stand-alone American History Curriculum consists of 12 boxes with individual lesson plans, reading lists, a timeline poster, and hand-picked educator resources. Please view our FAQs for additional general information. If you are new to History Unboxed, Welcome Boxes with introductory materials are available for purchase separately here.


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  1. Mali: Why begin an American History course in Africa? Because the study of our nation (rather than the study of a continent) begins with the merging of three broad cultures: European, African, and Native American. We have chosen to begin our American story in the days before these three cultures came together in the New World. Learn about the richest man in the world, Mansa Musa, and his amazing and beautiful kingdom.
  2.  Powhatan: Visit one of the Eastern Woodland native tribes and learn more about the indigenous peoples of America. Try your hand at farming, baking and bead work, and read a traditional folk tale.
  3. European Explorers: All aboard for a fantastic look at the ups and downs of life at sea, the men who braved the journey, and the legacy they left behind.
  4. St. Augustine: Take an up-close look at the volatile life inside this fort, the truth about pirates and privateers, and the native Timucua people.
  5. Jamestown: Have you ever wondered what life was like in this early settlement? What John Smith and Pocahontas talked about? Where the first slaves arrived in America? Find the answers inside this box!
  6. Plymouth: Explore this early settlement and learn new and exciting details about some of the most iconic early American people and events – the Pilgrims, the Wampanoag, and the first Thanksgiving. Jump forward a few decades and try to survive the Salem witch trials in a Choose Your Story special adventure.
  7. The French & Indian War:  Before he fought in the revolution, before he accepted the presidency, George Washington did something else: he started a world war! Discover what life looked like for soldiers, natives, colonists, and children during this time of conflict.
  8. The American Revolution: Don’t just learn about the revolution, experience it with all of your senses! Drink liberty tea while learning about the Boston Tea Party. Read about Paul Revere’s ride by the light of a tin punch lantern. Deepen your understanding of the constitution and then try your hand with quill and ink.
  9. Missions: On the west coast of America the Spanish soldiers and Missionaries were a very active part of colonial America. Explore the ways of native life and how things changed as people from two continents came together.
  10. Lewis & Clark: Explore North America with the adventurous Corps of Discovery as they catalog animal and plant life, meet new indigenous tribes, and  bring colonial ideas with them.
  11. Going West: The trickle of movement westward becomes a flood as gold, land, and forced relocation push people from all walks of life farther west. This month covers the gold rush, the Oregon Trail, and the Trail of Tears in a relatable, memorable way.
  12. Civil War: See how difficulties from the very beginning of colonial America come to a boiling point as the nation struggles for survival. Meet Harriet Tubman and learn about the real underground railroad. Read Abraham Lincoln’s writing and then learn the state of the art communication he used during war time: Morse Code. Find out about the forgotten soldiers of the Civil War and discover how native peoples, immigrants, women, and enslaved and free blacks changed history.


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