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Teach history the a meaningful, memorable way with our Downloadable History Lessons! Each contains fascinating historic stories, multi cultural traditions, craft ideas, recipes, games and more! A rotating selection of monthly topics keeps your history lessons fresh and relevant. Let us help you turn your holidays, seasons, significant observances, and focused study months into an opportunity to connect with history in a fun, engaging way. Our selection changes monthly, check back often for new lessons or join our email list for updates and release notifications.

Calendars Unboxed (Downloadable Lesson)

Learn the history of calendars around the world and throughout history with this easy to use downloadable lesson as we start a new year.days

For thousands of years, people have used astronomy to track the passage of time.  They created calendars based on the movements of the sun, moon, and stars.  How did we end up with the system we have today?  Travel back in time to visit the Egyptians, the Mayans, and other fascinating peoples around the globe.

  • Learn about why our weeks have 7 days
  • Make a mobile featuring the Roman and Norse history of weekday and month names
  • Play a card game and learn the Tsalagi (Cherokee) names of the month
  • Explore the included calendars and compare different cultures!
  • Dive deep with recommended reading about timekeeping traditions around the world

…and more!

Full color, 32 pages download




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